Corner retaining wall
At the corner of this landscaping project the homeowner wanted a retaining wall that created elevation, texture, depth and height.
Multiple stone walls
This farm home had a steep hill to the front of the property, so we were asked to design and build these multiple stone walls and landscaping to greet visitors.
Driveway retaining wall
This elevated driveway had a tendency to wash out so we created this large retaining wall to help with drainage during all seasons.
Stone wall creates elevation
Because this home had two extreme elevations in the yard, we were asked to create this stone wall to prevent any erosion of the landscaping.
Driveway corner retaining wall
Our construction and design of this wall created a great symmetry between the driveway and the home by using different heights of plants and trees.
Curved retaining wall
As you could see in the monument that we created, this wall is an extension of that art piece. By using some slightly discolored pieces we added depth & an interesting composition to an otherwise drab wall that wouldn’t have any real impact on visitors or the property itself.