Flagstone patio
Using a variety of different sized flagstones we were able to create this elegant and inviting backyard retreat for the homeowners. Each stone has it’s own unique style, color & texture giving it a great look.
Gray paver patio
As you've seen in this project and this project it's not unusual for us to create multiple levels with our paver patios.
Red patio and wall
Similar to one of our other curved patio’s, this family wanted something totally unique for their backyard patio. By using the thinner red pavers towards the center of the circle and the brighter red pavers on the outer ring, we’ve created a very modern look to this patio.
Large and small patio pavers
Sometimes you need that large patio for entertaining guests and others you need just a small spot to sit and relax with family. Using red brick pavers on both the upper and lower levels of this patio gives these homeowners both options.
Large flagstones create patio
These large flagstone pieces created not only a path to other parts of the landscaping, but a small patio area as well to relax and enjoy nature.
Red brick patio
The simple yet elegant design of this backyard patio using a variety of red pavers makes for a very quiet and quaint place to relax on a warm summer evening.
Gray brick with steps
With this spacious brick patio area and walkway down to the fire pit, the owners of this home can find themselves relaxing in the semi-shaded area of the patio or huddled around the fire pit on a brisk fall evening.
Simple stone walkway
This is a simple stone walkway leading out to the driveway along with rock accents and mulch beds to soften the look of the area.
Flagstone path from sidewalk
We created this seamless transition from the sidewalk of this wooded home down to the backyard landscaping.
Circular patio
Most patios are going to be square and rigid, but this customer wanted something totally unique, so we used these gray patio pavers and curved wall to give them something extraordinary.