Lakeside Stonework and Plantings
Beautiful natural stonework, paths, and plantings on a steep lakeside lot    
Plants soften patio look and feel
The ridged structure of the brick patio and the linear lines of the deck called for plants, shrubs and vines to be planted around the area to soften up the feel of this relaxing backyard.
Landscape with walkway
The walkway to this side yard patio is a great addition to this brick home settled in a small group of woods. The different size slabs helps create a unique path and the variety of plants and shrubbery help create depth and height in the layout.
Landscape Streetview
Whether you’re driving by admiring this large 2-story home or the landscaping that surround the entrance to the home, you’re sure to be impressed by the variety of plants & bushes contained within the landscape.
Landscaping softens brick exterior
The architecture of this all brick home is what really stands out when you look at the residence. But the rough & coarse nature of brick called for some softening with plants, bushes and small ornamental trees.
Housing addition landscaping
Not only do homes and commercial properties require landscaping, but the entrances and property that surrounds them will sometimes call for more than just green grass.